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Our Story


The Beginning

In 2015, we set foot on the enchanting island of Bali. As lovers of travel, this was more than a holiday; it was an eye-opener. The island's rich culture and stunning craftsmanship weren't just beautiful; they told stories. We were inspired by everything – the art, the people, the way of life. It wasn't just about what we saw; it was about the feelings these experiences evoked. We knew we had something special to share with others, something more than just memories.

Spotting The Opportunity

Back home in the UK, we noticed a gap. The Bali style, loved by many, was surprisingly hard to find. This wasn't just about furniture or decor; it was about bringing a piece of Bali's spirit into homes. We saw an opportunity to fill this void, to offer something unique and authentic. It was a chance to bring a bit of the island's magic to those who admired it from afar.

Artisan working in a ceramics workshop surrounded by various unfinished pottery pieces.
Mask (Landscape)-min.jpg

Our Unique Vision

We had seen enough products sold without a soul. Our vision for The Bali Concept was different. We wanted each item to tell a story, to carry a bit of Bali with it. We imagined people feeling a connection to the artisans and their art, feeling as if they were part of something bigger. This wasn’t just about selling; it was about sharing a culture, a dream, a piece of a place that had captured our hearts.

Chasing a Dream

Our regular office jobs were no longer fulfilling. We were chasing a dream – to do something that would bring joy, not just to us but to others. The Bali Concept was our way of making this dream a reality. It was about creating a bridge between two worlds, sharing the beauty of Balinese culture and art. We wanted to create a business that wasn’t just about profit, but about making a difference, about bringing a slice of Bali's serenity and beauty into people's lives.

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